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Hello, I'm the owner of ArtWorks Resin Canada, and my name is Michele Donohue. Welcome to my online store.


I have enjoyed creating art in many mediums,  but I discovered resin art (not just as a varnish over top of artwork, but adding pigments to the resin and creating with pigmented resin) around 2015. I fell in love with resin as an art medium shortly after.  My journey with resin began with creating resin art for walls, and functional art homeware then later I added small resin casting resin type items as well. 


How ArtWorks Resin Canada came to be, is I was frustrated with the limited options available in Canada (at that time),  as a Canadian resin artist. Importing new and unique options was sometimes a challenge, and the exchange rate, customs, duties, international shipping plus domestic shipping costs were sometimes very expensive surprises.  Sometimes my artist peers and myself didn't always receive those added customs costs until after arrival of product.  Plus adding the time it took to receive product was often lengthy.  At that time, I had been trying several resins, local and imported, and fell in love with a newly marketed topcoating art resin that was new and unavailable in Canada at that time.  I ended up becoming the Canadian distributor for that resin on April 1, 2018.  ​​


Since opening my webstore, over 5 years ago, I have changed some of the products I carry over time, including the epoxy resins I initially carried.  Around May, 2021 I added some of the iCoat Products epoxy resins to my online store. Other miscellaneous items I carry are gemstones, gemstone sand, glass glitter, iridescent flakes, mica flakes and mixing cups (when available).

The goal of this company when initially set-up was to offer more resins in our market. 

Basically, I am a very small Canadian business owner, that operates an online (​e-commerce) resin art supply business. I have grown in the resin field over the years along with many other fellow resin artists and customers, and I continue to learn and try to help others to learn as well. Resin is a never ending learning medium. When time permits, I try to share knowledge I've learned through the many blog posts on this website. I am thankful and grateful to all my customers and peers through the years, and always look forward to seeing everyones creations.


Please note: I do offer resin art workshops in Airdrie, Alberta through a store called MukLuk MagPies Stained Glass Studio. Details are on their website under their workshops tab.

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