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Le' Rez Expressions, at ArtWorks Resin Canda.

Le' Rez offers a variety of mica powder pigments suitable for acrylic, oil and resin applications, along with epoxy pigment pastes, plus resin tints.  These are some of the best quality and beautiful pigments on the market at a reasonable price. 

The Le' Rez Mica powders are a selection of beautiful Pearlescent and Luster Metal powder pigments made from Mica Flakes,  coated in minerals which attract as well as reflect the light, giving them a pearlescent shimmer.  Their strong concealing properties and super fine consistency allows them to mix exceptionally well with mediums such as Resin, glue, varnish, paint, pastes, and various oils to attain a silky metal luster.

Different shades of colour and consistency can be achieved by adding more or less pigment to your medium.

Le' Rez Mica Pigment Powders are formulated with raw materials that have been examined, tested and deemed safe by the FDA and can be used with other FDA compliant mediums for applications requiring food contact. 

The majority of the Le' Rez epoxy pastes are mixed by the owner of Le' Rez Expressions, artist Suzana Danks, using her own recipes, which makes them extra unique.  They are all hand picked and tested by Suzana. Have a peak through all her colours, and I'm sure you'll agree, they are ultra gorgeous.  

Basic Instructions for Le' Rez Mica Pigment Powders: 

When mixing Le' Rez mica pigment powders with resin, a common ratio is to start with about 3-5% powder up to 10% (some transparents may need a bit more) of pigment powder to resin ratio.  If more colour is needed, add little by little,.  Keep in mind, If you add too much colourant you can create an imbalance in the resin ratio, and cause an imbalance which can cause premature exotherm issues and can effect the resin cure. 

Basic Instructions for Le' Rez Epoxy Pastes: 

Le' Rez Epoxy Pastes are formulated for use with Epoxy Resin only.  They mix really well by adding them in to mixed resin (A+B), at a ratio of up to 10% paste to resin depending on desired transparency.  

When mixing Le' Rez epoxy pigment pastes with resin, start with a tiny amount, as you really don't need much since pastes tend to be very concentrated. The iridescent or transparent pigments often need more added.  Start with about 1-2%, and add slowly if needed, add up to a maximum of 10% colourant to resin ratio.

The Le'Rez Angel White is very popular for lacing, and with ocean waves.  Some people like to put a  bit of clear under it first, then apply the white tinted resin over that, torch lightly then manipulate lacing/waves with tool of choice.  Some use a heat gun on low, or blow dryer hot but low air, or silicone spatula or other tools. All these pastes tend to cell/lace quite easily when poured over another colour with different densities., then manipulated. It just may take each person a bit of practise.  Be aware thinner (lower viscosity) resins might not hold the shape however, so do a few tests with resin of choice.

Stir paste in jars before use if needed.

Keep in mind, If you add too much colourant you can create an imbalance in the resin ratio, and cause an imbalance which can cause premature exotherm issues and can effect the resin cure. 

Please NOTE: Metallic pastes may arrive solidified, they are fine, they just need to be warmed up, and they are very easily restored to a paste state by heating then stirring until paste consistency returns. You can put the paste container in a ziplock bag & set in a bowl of warm water, or on a heating pad, or for fastest approach, carefully wave your heat gun over the open jar until softened and stir.  Be careful not to overheat with heat gun, as overheating jar can warp jar.  We can not refund if that occurs, so please be sure to keep heat gun moving and far enough away that it does not warp plastic. If you accidentally do this you can always move paste to an alternate container with a lid. There is a quick video on the Le'Rez Expressions YouTube page showing how to warm the paste up using a heat gun.


Paste volume in jars may differ from colour to colour, due to different densities and weight of the pigment itself.  They are packaged by weight, not volume.

Le' Rez Expressions Transparent Liquid Pigments (Tints)

Le' Rez Transparent Liquid Pigment Tints are very versatile.  Besides using them in resin, they can be used in other mediums as well.  These tints can be used as a type of water colour by adding drops of tint to water, or add tints to paint directly to change colour, or add to acrylic or oil mediums to create paint, or add to resin (up to approx. 6% ratio), or add to any other non alcohol mediums. The possibilities are endless. To make them opaque, add to an opaque pigment. To turn them into a pastel matte colour, add white.


These tints do not work like alcohol inks and should not be dripped in resin (like petri style effect), as it will not cure properly if you do. But once mixed in resin, you can add a few drops of alcohol for achieving certain effects.


Mica and Pigment Powders, and  glitters have no expiry date, they last forever if stored correctly.  Lid secured well, and dry dark storage.

Epoxy Pastes generally recommend using up within a few years of opening, however they often last much longer.  Keep lids secured well after use, and store in dry dark storage.

Resin tints generally recommend using within five years of opening, however they may last much longer. Keep lids secured well after use and store in dry dark storage. 

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